My Jamahal Experience

A little while ago I had the chance to stay at the luxury resort, Jamahal in Bali. My plans for this blog were just at the initial phase then. When i stayed at this beautiful resort I decided that this was going to be my first blog post so here we go, MY JAMAHAL EXPERIENCE..

I had been backpacking for 3 weeks when I arrived at Jamahal to end the entire trip. First thing I was stoked about was the fact that this stay was going to be pure relaxation. Just taking in all of my three weeks travel before my flight, hence why I wanted a luxurious stay.

I was welcomed with warm smiles and greetings and the usual drinks and towels. Oh that drink was real good. Refreshing orange juice with cinnamon stick to stir. After being led to my room, I received a letter welcoming me to the resort with recommendations to do around the area. How sweet !

On my first night I stayed at the Sandat, Villa no 9. I love how the villas were covered on all sides with plants, almost like a wall. That was when I understood why it was Jamahal ‘PRIVATE’ villas and SPA. This villa did not have its private pool. But we did have a private entrance to the main pool, which was empty most of the time so it was almost like our private pool except bigger.

The bathrooms in this resort was soo cute, I probably spent a lot of time in the bathrooms trying to get the pictures right. (Not guilty) . Oh and the bathtub was already filled with water and flowers. I also absolutely loved how it was so open. The entire villa was so open but also private. I know how contradicting that sounds but the villas had so much nature around, it felt amazing.

Me and my friend went out for dinner that night to catch up with a few other friends. There were so many nice restaurants around Jamahal. But being my last few nights I really wanted to take in as much Nasi Goreng as I could so we had dinner at a local restaurant just 2 minutes away from the resort drinking the evening away. When we got back pretty tired it was so nice to see our beds made, the curtains down and the lights adjusted. All that was left to do was get in that bed.

The next morning we has breakfast by the pool and this crab cake benedict, godddaammmnnnnnn I cannot tell you how good it was. We had breakfast by our BIG private pool (shhh..) and of course we crossed over from our door that directly led us here.

After breakfast we headed to our SPA appointment. We got the 90 minutes Balinese massage. The women there were so nice and we were given oil options to choose from. That 90 minutes flew by real quick.

We then chilled by the pool for a little bit and then prepared to switch rooms because we were so curios as to how the other rooms were. The house keeping took care of everything while we went to check out the beach nearby. It was only about 10 minutes walk from the resort. And Jamahal even had their beach club there ! Lucky for us we could use their sun beds and towels at the beach because believe me if it wasnt for Jamahal’s beach club we wouldn’t be in our best state.

When we got back to Jamahal our transfer to a different room was all done and everything was placed exactly how we had done it in our previous room. How convenient and hassle free ! I do not remember the name of the second room but its the first on the right if you ever visit. Also give my best to Eka and Mira there, they were so friendly and nice throughout our stay there.

Oh and one thing about Jamahal is that its a place designed specially for couples (which we totally missed out on. I was just blinded by the beautiful bathrooms pictures online) and so the resort doesn’t have a proper dining area since couples are always eating in their private villas. Since it was my last night in Bali me and my friend decided to get butler service in out patio and have a ‘romantic’ dinner. Amongst the food we had I highly recommend the Ravioli and Tom Yam soup.

The next morning I had one last bubble bath in this beautiful bath and then it was time for me to bid Jamahal Good bye. It was a perfect ending to my first SOLO travel and therefore Jamahal will always have a special place in my heart.

I have also put together a Vlog of my stay here. Check it out here if you are more of a video person.

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