for who is jamahal?

  • we are a quality boutique resort for couples, honeymooners, single travelers and adults only, the minimum age for guests required is 16yrs. and above.

how many guests can stay at jamahal?

  • with over 50 staff members we limit our occupancy to a maximum of 24 guests at any one time. this to guarantee privacy and dedicated personalized service. we do not cater for outside guests, groups, events and weddings.

where is the location of jamahal?

  • south of bali right in the heart of the former fishing village of jimbaran, 15min. from the airport, 30min. from uluwatu. we don't have a direct beach location but less than 400 meters away from the sandy beach and the famous fish cafes and other restaurants.

what is the check-in and check-out time?

  • check-in time is after 2pm and check-out time is up to 11am. nevertheless, we will always do our outmost to accommodate our guests either before or after the official hours depending on availability.

does jamahal offer private pools and a view?

  • we feature ten one bedroom garden private and pools suite villas and three large two bedroom villas offering private pool and garden views.

does jamahal have a gym?

  • we are equipped with a private gym offering various cardio equipment such as treadmill, exercise bikes, cross trainers, bench press, lat- station and free weights. the facility can be also used for private gymnastic-, balinese- dance and yoga- sessions.

what kind of amenities do you use?

  • our shampoos, shower gels and conditioners are all high quality products from “neneq java essentials”. they meet the demands for most sensitive and allergic skin types

is the WIFI complimentary?

  • every suite villa and villa as well as the recreational areas inside the resort are offering complimentary WIFI access for multiple devices.

what makes jamahal different to other places?

  • we truly believe in personalized service, creating a unique hideaway in privacy inside a tropical oasis combined with a quality service to achieving best guest satisfaction.

the lowest rates for my stay?

  • for direct bookings we always match any rates from on line travel agents and are usually including additional complimentary benefits and consumption discounts. there are regular promotions and last minute rates. our rates available are dynamic depend on room category and season. the lowest rates plus additional discounted or complimentary add-ons are always guaranteed for our repeater guests and JL members, see our secret deal and loyalty program.

are there any restaurants and shopping centers nearby?

  • there are many choices of restaurants and shopping opportunities, some in walking distances and many less than 20 min. drive away.

do you provide transportation?

  • all our packages are offering complimentary airport and hotel transfers. some also include private sightseeing tours and we are happy to arrange water-, air- and land transport based on individual requests.

what is the best time to come to bali?

  • bali is best between april and early december. our location in in the south of bali has a very mild rainy season usually between late december and late march.

do i need a travel visa?

  • most countries are now exempted of a travel visa. for stays of more than 30 days you can purchase a visa on arrival at the airport when entering the island. nevertheless, it is recommended to assure your status with your local embassy back home at least 30 days before your planned arrival, since for some countries' entry visas are still required.

what kind of sport activities do you offer?

  • there’s almost an unlimited range of sport activities available for every level. e.g. surfing, jet ski, snorkeling, golf, tennis, yoga, horseback riding, fishing, sailing, biking, hiking, cooking class and more.

what is the currency in bali?

  • the local currency is IDR / INDONESIAN RUPIAH. US$ 1 = IDR 14’000 (2019). money exchange from major currencies such as USD, GBP, AUD, SGD, CHF and EUR is easily possible. at local banks and money changers with no commissions, all major credit cards are widely accepted.

how is the traffic in bali?

  • traffic in bali has been increasing in the past years. if your destination is near to the center of kuta and seminyak or a main tourist sightseeing spot, rush hours should be avoided. although traffic can still not to be compared to any major capital city like bangkok, los angeles, london, tokyo or paris, etc.

how safe is bali?

  • bali is without a doubt one of the safest places on earth with a very low crime rate and almost no poisonous animals

does jamahal offer security?

  • our security team is on duty 24/7 and our premises protected by wall and being monitored with CCTV even though bali is very safe.

is the food safe in bali?

  • the tourist restaurants and hotels are considered to be safe. off the beaten track follow the golden rule; "as long as you can peel it or cook it, you can eat it”. avoid ice cream and ice cubes in drinks. restaurant and dining possibilities are given from low budget up to high end michelin star high end cuisine.

do I need vaccinations?

  • bali has no vaccination demands, not even for malaria. like most asian countries e.g. singapore, vietnam and thailand. there’s a minor risk with exposure to dengue fever. the risk can easily be minimized to almost zero with the application of an insect repellent.

how good is medical care in case of emergency?

  • bali has improved its medical standard and especially in private clinics they are equal to western & eastern hospitals.

how good is public transportation?

  • public transport is not effective, on the other hand taxis and local drivers are easily accessible and relatively low priced.

can I bring pet to bali?

  • it is not recommended bringing your dog or cat. the animal migration laws are very strict and it can take weeks or months for the animals to be cleared.

how is the night-life in bali?

  • the night-life offers for all age groups a huge variety of entertainment, some clubs & bars are open even until early morning hours.

any dress code recommended?

  • bali is very casual therefore no particular dress code is applicable. use common sense and cover sun exposed body parts, especially visiting temples, cover your legs and shoulders respecting religious beliefs and traditions.

what religious groups do I find in bali?

  • about 70% are hindus, 20% muslims and 10% others, all living peacefully together.

any drugs in bali?

  • bali can be a party island on the other hand penalties for drug consumption are severe and can end with the death penalty. stay away of any temptations.

are there earthquakes, volcanic activities?

  • indonesia is inside “the ring of fire” and earthquakes can occur although so far with no or only minor damage since there are no high rise buildings. there’s also no severe exposure to tsunamis also due to the location of our resort unlike other islands such as lombok, sumba and aceh. same goes for volcanic activities, even in 2018 there was never any real danger caused by the mt. agung eruption. only a relatively small radius direct around was declared to a danger zone.

what is nyepi day?

  • It’s the silent day, there are no activities allowed outside the resort for 24hrs. starting from 6am until 6am the following day. even the airport closes for 24hr. and general broadcasting is also affected, a unique event and recommended being experienced at least for once.