Covid-19 FAQ

as we all watch the news unfold about this unprecedented event, the following programs are in place with new protocols to adapt to the current circumstances and to create a new level of standards to address the food and water safety, hygiene and infection prevention

are you temporarily closed?

like most of the resorts in bali we are temporarily closed since the end of march. depending on the necessary lifting of the travel and immigration restrictions we are planning to re-open for operation in july. if you have a request regarding your booking we will be happy to assisting you please contact us

what are the effects from the corona virus in bali?

bali is one of the least effected places on earth as the statistics proof. real day to day life on the island shows even almost zero effect. however the economical down sides in bali are devastating and it’s hard to foresee the future development and consequences. (Bloomberg article in our blog “the miracle of bali)

what are your cleaning standards, e.g. using disinfectants?

to meet the health and safety challenges a number of additions to our cleaning regimen are designed to set an even higher standard of cleanliness for our hotel. In its everyday cleaning, we will also be using the highest classification of disinfectants recommended by the WHO. all our villa and suite villa units are operating with individual AC units. the air filters are regularly cleaned and replaced after and before each check out and check in. other than in a hotel with central air-conditioning each of our villas and suite villas are self-contained units

what are you doing to avoid the risk of a virus transmission?

to help alleviate the risk a virus transmission through person-to-person contact, we will remind guests and staff to maintain social distancing protocols and will remove or re-arrange furniture to allow more space for distancing. masks and gloves will be available for our guests and staff, hand sanitizers will be accessible though out the hotel grounds

what are your precautions regarding food & beverages?

our butlers, kitchen staff and all food handlers are trained on safe food preparation and service practices. room service and in-room dining can be delivered with minimalized or even without personal contact