where is jamahal?

jamahal is located in the southern tip of bali, only around 20 minutes from denpasar international airport in the lively fishing village of jimbaran.

how far is jamahal from the beach?

we are less than 400m away from the golden sands of jimbaran beach and its renowned fish cafes.

who is jamahal for?

couples and honeymooners are welcomed at jamahal, which is an award-winning adults only boutique resort.

is there a restaurant at jamahal?

we have a modest front lounge which serves as a small dining area, although our private butler service provides in-villa dining for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. we also offer menu options at our private beach club during operation hours. there are also a number of excellent dining options within walking distance to suit all budgets.

can activities be arranged from jamahal?

certainly, our guest relation officers are more than happy to suggest and assist with any activities you may wish to do, such as tours, surfing, golfing, scuba diving, fishing, restaurant reservations and many more.

do i need a visa to enter bali?

the visa on arrival (voa) scheme makes it easy to purchase your entry visa at bali airport, which is valid for most nationalities. therefore we suggest checking with your travel agent or embassy prior to travel.

how do i get to jamahal?

taxis from the airport (and indeed all over bali) are easy to pick up, however we recommend using a reputable company with uniformed drivers and metered taxis.

what is the best time of year to come to bali?

due to the local weather patterns of southern bali, you can expect sunny and mostly dry conditions year round. although there is a higher chance of rain between the months of january to april, booking your holiday during the off season (november – april) often means lower rates and fewer crowds. the temperature in the south of bali remains between 28-34º throughout the year.

do i need malaria shots?

bali is officially malaria free, however, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before travel.

do i need sunscreen?

the sun is bali is very strong, even when cloudy, so we recommend the regular application of sunscreen of at least spf 30.

what about the currency?

as part of indonesia, bali uses indonesian rupiah (idr). however, all major international currencies are easily changed at licensed money changers. at the airport it’s best to only change a small amount to cover expenses such as taxi fare. automated teller machines (atm) are found all over the island, and accept most international bank cards.

what do i need to know about balinese culture?

the languages in bali are bahasa indonesia and local balinese dialect, however, most people are able and willing to understand basic english.
the religion in bali is predominantly balinese hindu and there are many colourful traditional hindu ceremonies happening around the island on a daily basis.
of particular note in mid march is the hindu new year ceremony of ‘nyepi’, where all roads, offices, schools and public areas including the airport are closed for 24 hours. during the day, people are free to move around inside their homes and hotels.